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Jul 2020

July 23, 2020

July 24, 2020

Eleven Republican Congressional Candidates Support Q-Anon Lunatic Fringe Theory to Which Gen. Flynn Apparently Pledged Allegiance; Pro-Trump Fable Parodies Religious Outlook with Messianic Outlook, Last Judgment, and Idolatrous Worship of the Current Demagogue; Paranoid Cult Has Proven Durable, But Can It Withstand the Coming Impact of Numerous Deaths in Family and Neighborhood; 

Obsession with Pedophilia is Traditional Feature of Such Myths Going Back to 1490s Demagogue Savonarola in Florence, Italy after Fall of Medici Dynasty; Mystical Friar Saw Child Abuse As Main Domestic Policy Issue of His Personal Dictatorship, Which Lasted Only a Couple of Years; His Need to Prove His Authenticity to the Mob by Performing Miracles Was His Undoing; Trump Promises Return to Prosperity and End of Pandemic by Eve of Vote, But Don’t Hold Your Breath;

Moscow Mitch and Trump Can’t Agree On Next Disaster Relief Bill; Revived Tea Party Fanatics Want to Cut Vital Extra Jobless Benefit from $600 Per Week to Just $100, Reducing Entire Bill to Below $1 Trillion; Trump Still Demands Killer Cuts In FICA Payroll Tax, the Basis of Social Security and Medicare; Temporary Curbs on Evictions and Foreclosures Will Expire on Friday and Saturday, Bringing More Social Chaos; Real Defunder of Police and Schools is GOP, which Still Refuses to Provide Money for States Authorized in Pelosi’s HEROES Bill;

Trump Chats With Weakened Putin on Phone as Russia Deploys New Anti-Satellite Weapon into Space; 

Mainland China Is Sending War Planes Close to Taiwan Daily; Two US Aircraft Carrier Groups Now Operating in South China Seas, Defying Claims of Xi Regime