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Jul 2020

July 22, 2020

July 23, 2020

Public Awareness of Fascism Grows, But Where Are the Countermeasures?

“Operation Legend”: In Blatant Violation of the Tenth Amendment, Trump Orders Federal Forces to Intervene in Chicago, Albuquerque, and Kansas City; His Claim that November Election Will Be Rigged Against Him Is Now an Ominous Daily Mantra;

Best Model for Illegal Deployment is Reichschancellor von Papen’s Prussian Coup d’État of July 1932, Which Paralyzed Prussian Police Resistance Against Nazis and Prepared Hitler Putsch a Few Months Later; Indispensable Ingredient was Violent Clashes in Hamburg-Altoona Between NSDAP Storm Troopers and KPD Ultra-Left Crazies; Democratic Leaders Must Find Means to Prevent Violent Anarchist Provocateurs Steered by Shadowy Forces from Making It Easier for White House to Occupy US Cities; Chicago Needs Defenses Against Gun Influx from Surrounding Reactionary States, Notably Indiana; Reckless Talk of Defunding Police Is A Gift to Trump’s Chances;

Long Overdue: State Department Orders Shutdown of Communist Chinese Embassy in Houston over Accusations of Technology Theft and Fomenting Subversion inside US; Papers Burned in Courtyard, as in December 1941; Beijing’s Prime Target Was Covid Vaccine Research; 

Russian Reporter Says Weakened Putin Now Faces Mass Protests over Coming Months; Alternative is Lunge for Kazakhstan, Belarus, or Ukraine to Rebuild Popularity;

Breaking: Defense Secretary Esper Warns Beijing that US Military Isn’t “Going to Be Stopped by Anybody” from Operating in the International Waters of the South China Sea; Pentagon Chief Fears DHS Little Green Men Will Be Confused with US Military