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Jul 2020

July 21, 2020

July 22, 2020

Biden Warns Russia, China, and All Others to Stop Meddling in US Elections; Promises “Substantial and Lasting Costs on State Perpetrators” in Form of “Financial Sector Sanctions, Asset Freezes, Cyber Responses and the Exposure of Corruption”; 

With Trump Appearing More and More as Condemned to Defeat in November, Many Foreign Populist Demagogues Hostile to US See Last Chance Over Coming Months to Cash in on Their Investments in the Pushover Appeaser in the White House; Beware Direct Attacks on US Interests and/or Moves to Upend World Geopolitics;

Israel’s Netanyahu, along with Putin a Great Beneficiary of the Don Debacle, is Scrambling to Annex One Third of the West Bank of the Jordan River While Trump, Pompeo, and Kushner Are Still in Power; Move Is Illegal Under UN Charter No Matter What US Attitude Might Be; During July, Multiple Explosions in Iran Have Hit Five Targets in Tehran Area, plus Petrochemical Plant, Power Plant, and Half a Dozen Ships at Port of Bushehr Near Nation’s Only Nuclear Power Reactor; Explosion at Natanz Centrifuge Facility Might; Delay Nuclear Program by 1-2 Years; Israeli Attack Might Embroil US In Mideast War with Field Marshal Bone Spurs in Command;

Putin’s Referendum on Extending His Dictatorship Has Revealed Unexpected Weakness; Centripetal Forces Grip Russian Regions, Starting with Normally Docile Khabarovsk in Far East, Where Governor of Opposition Party RLDP Was Arrested and Dragged to Moscow, Triggering Days of Anti-Putin, Anti-Moscow Demonstrations Flying Regional, Not Russian, Flags; Kremlin May Be Considering a Domestic Crackdown, Or More Likely a Bid to Seize Belarus, an Adventure Fraught With Peril