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Jul 2020

July 16, 2020

July 16, 2020

Biden Leading Trump by 52% to 40%, NBC-WSJ Poll Finds; 50% Say They Will Never Vote for Trump No Matter What Happens, Compared to 37% Who Reject Biden; 72% See US on Wrong Track on Trump’s Watch; CNBC Poll Sees Trump’s Approval at Record Low of 45% In Battleground States, with 59% Saying Pandemic is Getting Worse; Quinnipiac Finds Trump’s Overall Approval at Just 36%; Average of Polls Gives Biden Lead of Just Under 9%; 

More on the French Revolution: The Upheaval of 1789-1794 as the Destabilization of Europe’s Strongest Land Power by British Free Trade and Venetian Libertine/Libertarian Networks and Culture; The Secret of the “Long Live Liberty” Chorus Scene in Mozart’s Don Giovanni: The Liberty Invoked is Not that of Jefferson, but of Marquis de Sade…or of Epstein; Clergy and Nobility Exempt from Taxation;

The Queen’s Necklace Scandal Used to Discredit Marie Antoinette, Carried Out by the Venetian Operative and Mountebank Cagliostro; The Vilification of Marie Antoinette at Her Treason Trial by the Ultra-Left Hébert, Who Accused Her of Pedophilia; Her Character Assassination by Scurrilous Pamphlets or Libelles; 

Behind the Outlawing of Christianity, the Intrigues of Danton in His Bitter Struggle for Power with Robespierre; Robespierre as Freemason and Follower of Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Doctrine the Popular Will; Rousseau’s Enormous Influence Today through Marx and Freud; The Durable Police Minister Fouché, the Bill Barr of the Epoch, Who Ran Police State Repression for the Directory, the Consulate, and the Napoleonic Empire;

Breaking: US, UK, Canada Denounce Russian Intel for Hacking Secrets of Coronavirus Research; Trump Silent