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Jul 2020

July 15, 2020

July 16, 2020

Midsummer Survey of Urgent Issues Some Four and a Half Months Before the Hour of Destiny: Trump’s Attack on CDC Endangers Human Lives at Home and Abroad; Only the November Election Can Force a Return to Rational Policy; Trump’s Profile Amounts to Provoking Race War, But How Many Takers Will He Find Among His Weary and Disappointed Followers?; Barr Is Busy Preparing Putsch Plans; Moribund GOP, like NSDAP of April 1945, Increasingly Assumes the Aspect of a Death Cult; Intense Ferment Among the Students of New York City, with Focus on Generation Z Undergraduates: Much Energy and Some Cynicism About Democrats; Big Question: Will They Vote, and Will Ultra-Lefts Act Responsibly by Supporting Biden?

Retrospective on Mueller after His Op-Ed: Enough to Save Country from Many Catastrophic Policies by Pinning Trump Down and Boxing Him In, But Too Narrow and Not Following the Money Enough To Secure the Needed Removal from Office;

On Tax Day, US Is Still Suffering from the Dastardly GOP Tax Scam of December 2017, A Key Factor In the Immiseration of US Public Health and a Major Threat to the Financial Resilience of the American Middle Class; Trump’s Populist Promises a Mockery;

More Courageous than Most Pundits, Mary Trump Tells Her Wayward Uncle Don to Resign