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Jul 2020

July 14, 2020

July 15, 2020

In Hopeful Sign for Western Unity Against the Neo-Maoists of Beijing, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Accepts US Advice that Chinese Communications Technology Cannot Be Trusted After Hong Kong Crackdown in Light of Self-Declared Totalitarian State; Huawei Purchases Will Be Banned After January; Huawei Products Must Be Removed Completely from 5G Networks by 2027; Move Reverses UK Policy Trend towards Appeasement After October 2012 Visit to London by Tyrant Xi, Suggesting that British May Be Giving Up on Post-Brexit Strategy of Serving as Bankers for Beijing; Pandemic Has Made Chinese Communist Party Weaker, Not Stronger, as Claimed by New York Times; Trump’s Sole Contribution: To Revive ZTE When It Was Virtually Bankrupt;

France Marks Bastille Day this July 14 with Special Recognition for Doctors, Nurses, and Other Front Line Forces Fighting Pandemic;

Pre-1789 France Shows Dangers of Letting the Legal Country Diverge from the Real Country; 2% of the Population in the First and Second Estates Could Overrule the Third Estate with 98% of the Population; Many Tendencies of US Government Going in Same Direction Because of Bad Supreme Court Decisions, Voter Suppression, and Gerrymandering; The Role of the British-French Eden Trade Treaty in Wrecking the French Economy and Unleashing Unrest; The Tennis Court Oath of June 1789 Directly Influenced by the US Declaration of Independence; the Free Market Insanity of the Girondins, Who Demanded War to Keep Up the Prices of State Bonds, and Fought Against Price Controls on Bread Despite an Orgy of Speculation and Hoarding; Sinister Influence of the Cabal of the Libertines, Including the Venetian Operative Giacomo Casanova