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Jul 2020

July 11, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

July 11, 2020

August Cataclysm Looms with Convergence of Crises: Existing CARES Act Federal Assistance to Families and Businesses Will Run Out as Protections Against Evictions and Foreclosures Expire; Simultaneously, New Onslaught of Covid Infections Threatens More Deaths, Stay at Home Orders, and Disruption; Police Reform Still Blocked by GOP; Worst of All, Executive Branch is Crippled So Severely as to Invite Foreign Attack;

Moving to Fill Void Left by Trump’s Abject Failure to Deliver on “America First” Jobs and Wages, Biden Advances Parts of Economic Recovery Program Using Federal Procurement to Mandate $400 Billion of Purchases of US-Made Materials, Equipment, and Services, Plus $300 Billion in Research and Development in Artificial Intelligence, Electric Vehicles, and Advanced Technologies; Program Will Be Paid for by Rolling Back Much of the 2017 GOP Tax Scam Cut in Corporate Taxes, Capital Gains, etc.; 

Biden Still Needs Program of Job Creation on Model of Harry Hopkins’ Works Progress Administration (WPA), which Saved 3.5 Million Unemployed with Families in Depths of Depression; New Version of FDR’s Reconstruction Finance Corporation is Required to Speed Payout of Coming HEROES Act;

Mass Eviction of 28 Million Households Looms at Start of August, along with Tidal Wave of Foreclosures on Homes, Farms, and Businesses; HEROES Act Has $100 Billion of Rental Assistance but Is Blocked by Mitch; Biden Wants $640 Billion Over Ten Years in Housing Construction; 

Covid Deaths May Now Rise Commensurate with Spikes of Cases and Hospitalizations

Breaking: Trump Commutes Roger Stone’s Jail Time as Michael Cohen Is Forced Back to Prison; Now Let’s See the Department of Justice Mutiny Feared by Barr!