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Jul 2020

July 8, 2020

July 9, 2020

Supreme Court Expected to Announce Rulings Relating to Trump’s Taxes on Thursday; Outcome Is Made More Dramatic by Struggle Over Publication of Mary Trump’s Memoir; Alleged Tax Evasion by Trump and Siblings Is Issue in Mary Trump’s Refusal to Be Bound by Non-Disclosure Agreement Drawn Up After Family Dispute Regarding Fred Trump’s Will; If Supremes Pander to Don, Naming More Non-Fascist Judges Will Be Mandatory Starting Next Year; 

Trump’s Order to Open All Local Schools Violates Tenth Amendment and Must Be Rejected; 

In Debate About Political Strategy, Identity Groups Are Obsolete, Since None Can Hope to Extract Meaningful Concessions from the Wall-Street Centered Ruling Class without the Broadest United Front Unity; “Burn Baby Burn” Rhetoric Cannot Succeed; Mass Traction Economic Demands Are Imperative, Not Symbolic or Cultural Gestures;

Calls for Free Inquiry and Open Discussion Need to Corporate the Overriding National Priority of Removing Trump, Since Any Continuation of the Current Regime Virtually Guarantees Full-Blown Fascism by Christmas;

Breaking: Predictions of Disaster If Moscow Mitch Fails to Enact Federal Law Modeled on Fraser-Lemke Act Halting Evictions and Foreclosures for the Duration of the Crisis; Senate Must Pass Pelosi’s HEROES Act and Provide Cash Support!