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Jul 2020

July 7, 2020

July 8, 2020

Still Waiting For Supreme Court to Decide Whether Congress and New York Prosecutors Can Examine Trump’s Tax Returns; Will Wednesday Finally Be The Day?;

Despot Xi’s Military Aggression and Dictatorial Strivings in Hong Kong Are Generating a World Backlash, with Relations Deteriorating Fast with India, the Philippines, Great Britain, Australia and Others; Main Missing Ingredient is a US President Capable of Assembling a Defensive Coalition Against the Chinese Communist Party; All Pompeo Can Manage is a Threat to Ban Tik Tok;

Fox News Exploiting Incidents That Seem Designed to Shock Middle Class Voters and Get Them to Take a Second Look at the Execrated Trump:

Seattle CHOP Enclave Tried To Establish A Juridical Vacuum as Anarchist Paradise, But Promises of Harmony Could Not Prevent Two Shooting Deaths and Several Wounded; CHOP Was Magnet for Underworld and Homeless; Democratic City Council, Mayor, and Governor Must Learn That Yielding to Ochlocracy Spells Political Destruction;

200 Heavily Armed Black Militants Protest at Stone Mountain, Georgia, Site of Huge Bas-Relief Tribute to Top Confederate Traitors; But As Fox Emphasis on Theme Shows, Statue Protests Have Passed Point of Diminishing Returns; 

Public Intellectuals Awaken to the Dangers of Ideological Sectarianism Among Establishment Media, Academics, and Publishing; But Watchword Today Is Not Free Inquiry, But Defeat Trump!

US Media Lose Interest in Blockbuster Charges of Russian Bounties for Taliban Killers of US Soldiers