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Jul 2020

July 1, 2020

July 2, 2020

Another Urgent Reason Trump Must Resign Now: His Cowardice and Appeasement Could Encourage China to Gamble on Further Attacks against Taiwan or India While He Is Still in Office; Leadership Vacuum in White House Is Increasing War Danger;

NSC Director O’Brien Concedes That Report of Putin’s Contract Killings of US Forces in Afghanistan Has Appeared in Presidential Daily Briefing; As Usual, Benedict Donald Dismisses Matter as “Hoax”; Biden Brands Don’s Actions “Dereliction of Duty;

While Communists Mount Brutal Repression in Hong Kong, Mainland Aircraft Violate Taiwanese Airspace Eight Times; US Antisubmarine Planes Patrol Near Taiwan For Tenth Day; Trump Threatens to Veto Pentagon Appropriations Act to Defend His Favorite Confederate Traitors; Trump Must Warn His Pal Xi to Back Off;

Beijing May Be Seeking to Coerce India into Belt and Road (BARF), But India’s Ban on 59 Chinese Apps Is Powerful Counter to Xi’s “Made in China 2025” Plan for World Domination through Technological Monopoly; India’s Defense Capabilities Upgraded, with World’s Largest Volunteer Army;

As Total Cases Rocket Towards 130,000 and Daily Positives Exceed 50,000 For First Time, Texas, California, Arizona, Florida Head for Disaster; But Trump Reassures Nation Contagion Will “Just Disappear”;

Taiwan Completes 80 Days with Zero Indigenous Cases of Pandemic, but Is Excluded by From the EU List, Thanks to Pressure from China, Where Virus Is Far From Vanquished; but US Should Adopt Successful Taiwan Methods to Save Lives in Current Emergency;

Bernie Sanders’ Latest Push to Cut Defense Spending Is Not Realistic: Take the Money for Social Spending out of Wall Street’s Hide!

Breaking: NYT Study Shows A Covid Death in the Family Is One of Most Effective Forces In Convincing a Former MAGA to Dump Trump!