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Jun 2020

June 29, 2020

June 30, 2020

Institutional Combination for Trump’s Defeat Continues to Solidify as Events Torpedo Second Term; Trump’s Policy of Breakneck Re-Opening Going Into Reverse in Many States; Large Viral Pool Built Up During June Will Feed Pandemic Over Coming Weeks and Months; Comparisons with Collapse of LBJ Multiply;

Russian Bounties for Taliban Killers Are Eminently Plausible; Reports over Many Months Had Suggested Kremlin Was Arming Taliban vs US; New Phase of Contract Killings is Coherent with Weaker Position of Putin, Currently Campaigning to Secure Dictatorship Through 2036; 

Pentagon and Intelligence Community Appear Definitively Fed Up With Trump, with Multiple Sources Providing Confirmation of Russian Actions to NYT, WaPo, WSJ, NBC, Sky and Others; Any Pro-Trump Divisions Left?;

Equally Damning: White House Still Maintains That Trump Still Has Not Demanded Briefing on Russian Contract Killings – After Weekend of Golfing!

Supreme Court Rejection of Louisiana’s Restrictive Anti-Abortion Law is Welcome and May Signal Another Step in the Disintegration of Trumpism, But May Also Reflect Temporary Window-Dressing As Roberts & Co. Prepare to Vote for Trump in Main Event of November Coup!