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Jun 2020

June 24, 2020

June 25, 2020

Two Trump Judges on DC Court of Appeals Order Judge Sullivan to Dismiss Charges Against Rogue Trump Official Flynn; 

In Majority Opinion by Trump Appointee Judge Neomi Rao, Legal Deference is Given to Assumption that Barr’s Justice Department Was Acting in Good Faith; No Good Reason to Doubt Motives of Barr Clique, Agrees Fellow Trump Appointee Judge Karen Henderson; Yet This Is Exactly The Absurdity At Issue, Especially Because of Flynn’s Two Guilty Pleas; Cogent Dissent by Judge Robert Wilkins Shows Case Requires Full En Banc Review By Multiple Judges; Otherwise, Case Can Be Re-Filed by Next Administration in January 2021;

Aaron Zelinsky, Prosecutor in Roger Stone Case, Is Adamant That White House Pressure Was Massively Applied to DoJ To Reduce Stone’s Sentence; Former Deputy AG Ayers Says Barr Is “Greatest Threat in My Lifetime to Our Rule of Law”; His Impeachment on Table; 

Sen. Scott’s GOP Police Reform Bill Fails to Advance in Senate; Toothless Measure Wanted Another Study of Choke Holds, Not the Needed Ban;

Declining Standards of Living in US After 1973 Are Basis of Brutalization of Culture and Public Life; Policy of Four Years of College for All Is Essential For US Success Against China in 21st Century; Time to Invest in Human Capital! 

Louis Gohmert’s Tap Day on the Hill