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Jun 2020

June 23, 2020

June 24, 2020

Trump Threatens Draconian Jail Terms For Damaging Statues of Traitors Like His Wretched Ego Ideal, the Slaveholder Andrew Jackson, Whose Equestrian Statue Still Disgraces Lafayette Park Opposite White House; Site Is Otherwise Reserved for Illustrious European Allies of American Revolution; Jackson Is Guilty of Illegal and Genocidal Trail of Tears Deportation of Five Peaceful Native American Tribes in 1830s; Jackson Blocked Maysville Road and Vital Infrastructure, Slowing Canals and Railroads That Could Have Promoted Unity Instead of Civil War; Jackson’s Wrecking of the Second Bank of the United States Set Stage for Panic of 1837, Which Bankrupted Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, and Florida Territory After Bank of England Attacked Defenseless US;

“I Don’t Kid”—Despite Bland Assurances From McEnany, Navarro, and Assorted Prevaricators, Trump Insists He Was Not Joking When He Told Tulsa Gathering He Had Ordered Deliberate Slowdown of Virus Testing; WaPo Reports No More Federal Money For Testing Sites After June 30, Including in Hard-Hit Texas!; Congresswoman Garcia (D-TX) Protests to FEMA After Extension Was Refused; Containment Guru Kudlow States Categorically That There Will Be No Second Wave in Autumn; GOP Jacksonville Convention in Trouble;

Breaking: Asst. US Attorney Zelinksy Alleges Trump Obstructed Justice in Favor of His Crony Roger Stone