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Jun 2020

June 20, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

June 20, 2020

Just as Bolton Memoir Again Confirms Trump’s Servile Relation to Despot Xi, Chinese Communists Launch Rampage of Aggression Along Multiple Axes;

In Himalayas, Beijing’s Troops Attack India’s Strategic Road Serving Key Airbase in Ladokh Opposite Chinese-Occupied Tibet, Near Northernmost Point of India; Presence of New Delhi’s Forces on Their Own Territory Seen as Challenge to Communist “Belt and Road” Imperialism;

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison Reveals Protracted Hacking Attack on Nation’s Critical Infrastructure by “Sophisticated State-Based Cyber-Actor;” Defense Minister Says Assault Is “Increasing in Frequency, Scale, in Sophistication and in its Impact”; Damage Inflicted on All Levels of Government, Industry, Political Organizations, Education, Health Care, and Essential Services, All of Whom Are Implementing Defenses; Prime Suspect Is China, with Beijing’s Growing Hostility Linked to Australia’s Call for International Probe into Origin of Pandemic Virus; US Must Support Treaty Ally and Five Eyes Member;

Amid Reports of Chinese Attempts to Steal Covid Vaccine Secrets, 54 Research Grantees Are Ousted From National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda; 133 Face Firing For Hiding Payments from Beijing’s Thousand Talents Project; Communist Regime Humiliated by Second Wave and Lockdown in Beijing Despite Xi’s Braggadocio 

Bolton Memoir Distributed Worldwide; DC Federal Judge Says DoJ Moved Too Late, Since Horse Is Already Out of the Barn