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Jun 2020

June 13, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

June 13, 2020

Fort Bragg, North Carolina Should Be Re-Named Fort Harriet Tubman in Honor of the Intrepid Intelligence Officer and Armed Reconnaissance Operative of the Union Army During the Civil War; Born Into Slavery, She Worked As Guide For Her Fellow Escapees On the Underground Railroad and Joined with Frederick Douglass to Influence Lincoln; She Assisted Secretary of War Stanton in Liberating Jacksonville, Florida; In June 1863, Tubman Guided the Union’s Combahee River Raid That Freed 750 Slaves, Who Became the Nucleus of the 54th Massachusetts Regiment, Best Known Today Through the Movie “Glory”;

“We need police! We Need Police, but We Need a Police System that Is Just:” Spike Lee Wisely Admonishes Protesters That Slogan of “Defund the Police” Is “Tricky”; They Should Be “Careful with the Words” Because “Agent Orange” Is “Already Running With That”; “One or Two Wrong Words, They’ll Twist That Thing Around and the Narratives Change…I Think There Could Be Better Terminology”; Much Approval On Twitter; Now Time to Call for Ample Community Services Paid For By Wall Street Banks and Federal Reserve;

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best Reports That 911 Emergency Services Take Three Times as Long to Reach Autonomous Zone aka CHAZ; She Also Condemns Mayor’s Decision to Abandon Precinct HQ; Time to End This PR Subsidy to GOP;

Trump Ranks His Own Contributions to Black America as Superior to All except Lincoln, Whose Policies Were “Questionable”; Trump Forces West Point Cadets to Come Back for Graduation on Saturday; Army Resentment Simmers after Don’s Lafayette Square Caper