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Jun 2020

June 6, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

June 6, 2020

A Masterpiece of Cooking Statistics: Trump’s Latest Big Lie Is Alleged Improvement in US Jobless Situation: Under Command of Reactionary Eugene Scalia, Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics Claims Unemployment Declined To 13.4% in May From 14.7% in April; But Black Jobless Ticks Up to 16.8% with Latino Unemployment at 17.6%; For Third Month in Row, BLS Has Grotesquely Misclassified 4.9 Million Jobless as “Employed Not at Work” Instead of “Unemployed on Temporary Layoff”; Fixing This Would Have Increased Joblessness to 19.2% in April and 16.1% in May; BLS Attributes Current Gains to 2.5 Million Alleged Hirings; But This Is a Statistical Hallucination Deliberately Created by Bureaucrats; BLS Notes Response Rates From States Had Been Lower During Pandemic; During April, Agency Had Also Tampered With “Births and Deaths” Model Used to Estimate Business Openings and Shutdowns; Krugman Still Believes The Statistics!;

ADP Payroll Summary Had Shown Private Sector LOSING 2.8 Million Jobs in May; Weekly First Time Jobless Claims Over Recent Months Had Suggested Job Losses Close to 41 Million over Lockdown Period, but BLS Now Lists Only 20.7 Jobs Gone; One Explanation Might Be Workers Absorbed Into Paycheck Protection Plan Who Were Never Reported to BLS; These Workers Will Still Be Unemployed When PPP Expires in July; And Don’t Forget Laid-Off Workers Who Have Never Succeeded in Registering as Unemployed in Florida and Other States; To Establish Reality, Use New Census and American Community Survey Data; Fake Improvement Will Allow McConnell to Argue Against More Aid and Stimulus for Workers;

44 Stars Against Trump: Eleven Four-Star Generals and Admirals Have Spoken Out Against Trump’s Plan to Use Troops Against Protesters; Will Gen. Kelly Spill Beans On White House?