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Jun 2020

June 3, 2020

June 4, 2020

Gen. Mattis Condemns Trump for Ordering US Troops to Violate Constitutional Rights of American Citizens; Compares Trump’s Divide and Conquer Tactics to Methods of Nazis in World War Two; Rejects Concept of US Cities as “Battlespace”; Trump Fails to Provide “Mature Leadership,” Attacks National Unity, and Is Guilty of “Abuse of Executive Authority”; 

Defense Secretary Esper Repudiates Trump’s Plan to Unleash Troops against American People under Insurrection Act; Pentagon Attempts To Move Forces Away From National Capital Area Back to Their Bases, Countermanding Orders from White House;

Mullen, McRaven, Dempsey, Hagel, Pinetta, Stavridis, and McCaffrey Join in Condemning Trump’s Plan for Militarized Repression; Rejection of Trump by US Military Lowers Danger of Military Coup In Context of November Election;

Biden Averages 76% of Vote Across Primaries in Eight States; His Delegate Count of 1,959 Nears 1,991 Needed To Clinch Democratic Nomination; Racist GOP Congressman Steve King, a Clone of Don, Loses in Iowa, Suggesting Trump May Not Carry State; Centrist Veteran Stenny Hoyer Wins Big in Maryland; Steve Bullock Takes Democratic Nod For Senate in Montana by 96%, Making Him Favorite to Win Seat; 56% of Americans Condemn Trump’s Handling of Protests, While 33% Support Him; 64% Sympathize With Protesters, While 27% Oppose Them