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May 2020

May 28, 2020

May 29, 2020

China Launching Military Provocations Against India in Ladakh Region along Line of Demarcation in Northern Jammu and Kashmir; Beijing Communists Target New Defensive Roads Built by New Delhi to Serve New Indian Air Base; India Seeks to Prevent Strategic Envelopment by Tyrant Xi’s “Belt and Road” Imperialist Geopolitics; Chinese Attacks Occur at Site of Mao’s 1962 Aggression; 

India Wisely Rejects Trump’s Intrusive Bid to Mediate, Since He Cannot Be Trusted; Beware Trump’s Crude Mimicry of Sir Edward Grey’s Duplicity in July-August 1914; 

Xi’s Rubber-Stamp Parliament Gives Overwhelming Approval to Bill Imposing Dictatorship on Hong Kong, Violating Sino-British Treaty; Trump Plans Statement on China Measures This Friday; Goal Should Be To Minimize Suffering of Hong Kong, While Stopping Transfers of Strategic Technology, and Sanctioning Individual Oligarchs and Princelings; Time to End Most Favored Nation Status, Obtained Under False Pretenses;

Beijing Launching Aggression in All Directions: Against India, Hong Kong, and in South China Sea; What If North Korean Regime Collapses?; Will Iran Play Along?; How Will Russia React?

Canadian Court Takes Key Step towards Extradition of Huawei Heiress Mme. Meng, Daughter of Founder Ren;

DoJ and FBI Claim to Be Investigating George Floyd Murder Case in Minneapolis; Public Interest Requires Immediate Arrest of Rogue Cop and Accessories;