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May 2020

May 26, 2020

May 26, 2020

Trump Alleges Deal To Cut Cost Of Insulin To $35 per Month Co-Pays for 3 Million Beneficiaries on Certain Medicare Advantage Plans, a Small Fraction of Total Diabetics in Medicare as a Whole; Seema Verma’s Key Role Justifies Complete Skepticism; Trump Uses Occasion to Stress His Determination to Destroy Obamacare, While Praising Junk Insurance Which Lacks Essential Medical Benefits as “Competition”; Reliance on Public-Private Partnerships Recalls Features of Fascist Corporate State;

Rosy Scenarios from Trump Economists Are Baloney: Just Re-Opening Will Hardly Help Situation; With Almost 50 Million Jobless, US Economy Cannot Revive with Support of Consumer Spending Alone; Real Recovery Will Require Massive New Investment in Capital Goods, Plant and Equipment, and Wages of Production Workers; Models Are Harry Hopkins’ Works Progress Administration and Harold Ickes’ Public Works Administration under FDR New Deal; Federal Reserve Should Furnish $5 Trillion in 0% Multi-Decade Credit For Public Works, Not Financial Services, As Spearhead of Recovery; 

In the Midst of World War II, Soviet Foreign Minister Molotov Negotiated for Separate Peace With His Nazi Colleague Ribbentrop in Kirovograd (Ukraine) Around June 1943;

History Channel Mini-Series on Life Of Gen. Grant Refutes Pro-Confederate “Lost Cause” Distortions; Program Broadcast at 9pm, 11 pm, and 1 am eastern Tuesday and Wednesday