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May 2020

May 21, 2020

May 22, 2020

Despot Xi Prepares to Strut and Posture as Conqueror of Wuhan Virus at Friday’s Opening of National People’s Congress, the Annual Rubber-Stamp Parliament Dominated by the Communist Party; Event Will Be Regimented and Shortened to Shield Dictator Xi from Possible Outbursts of Anger by Local Cadre Resentful of Dishonest Handling of Pandemic; Xi Impudently Boasts Party Has Acted with “Openness, Transparency, and Responsibility”; Apparatchiki on Defensive after Economy Contracts at an Official 6.7% Rate in First Quarter; New York Times Cheerleads For Xi’s Personality Cult; 

Are Trump’s Chickens Coming Home to Roost?; Quinnipiac Poll Shows Biden Ahead of Don by Stunning 50% to 39%; Only 41% Approve of White House Handling of Pandemic, with 56% Disapproving and No Rally Round Reflex; Trump Gets 88% of Republicans, Not Enough to Win with Base Turnout Strategy Alone; 67% Want Trump to Wear Mask; Another Poll Finds Trump’s Approval at 40%; After Having Recently Favored Trump, Oxford Economics Survey Now Forecasts Biden “Walloping” Trump With 65% of Popular Vote to 35% for Trump; Democrat Seen As Likely Winner In Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin; If Democratic Turnout Reaches 2008 Levels, Biden Could also Prevail in Florida, Texas, and Other Red States, Getting 434 Votes to 104 in Electoral College and Ousting Mitch McConnell; This Result Would Restore Moral Credentials of American People in Our Time;

Lessons From Marco Lombardo in Purgatory xvi: History Is Made by People Exercising Free Will, and Not by Destiny or Demons; Misrule, Not Celestial Forces, “Has Caused the World to Be Malevolent”;

Best Wishes For Memorial Day!