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May 2020

May 20, 2020

May 21, 2020

Stench of Dictatorship and Voter Suppression Envelops Washington DC as Trump’s Polls Deteriorate: Tenant Of White House Threatens to Cut off Federal Funds For Michigan Because State Sent Absentee Ballot Applications to Registered Voters, as Explicitly Mandated by Its Constitution; New Outrage Negates Tenth Amendment, Once a Favorite of “Conservatives”; Will Free Elections Be Possible Come November?; Supreme Court Temporarily Denies House Access to Grand Jury Material From Mueller Investigation, Just as New Round of Foreign Meddling Ramps Up; Inspectors General In Every Agency Under Threat;

Senate FEMA-DHS-USPS Committee Under Johnson Ignores Multiple Emergencies, Focusing Instead on Reviving Discredited Hunter Biden Charges; Lindsey Graham Wants To Gin Up Scandal Against Routine Unmasking; But as Head of Obama NSC, Top Unmasker Susan Rice Blocked Daniel-Wallander Plan for Retaliation vs. Russia and Putin Personally, Fostering Inaction Before 2016 Vote; 

The Problem Of Evil In Human History In Philosophy And History, with Outbreak of World War I as Case Study;

Breaking: Adding To Trump’s Instability, Quinnipiac Poll Shows Biden Leading Trump Nationwide By 11 Points, 50% To 39%