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May 2020

May 18, 2020

May 19, 2020

At Virtual WHO Annual Meeting, Bungling Diplomacy Of Trump And Pompeo Lets Communist Dictator Xi Deliver Keynote Address, Posturing As Benefactor Of World And Especially Africa For A Mere $2 Billion; Beijing Despot Burnishes Image As Guarantor Of Equitable Distribution Of Vaccine; He Pretends To Approve Inquiry Into Origins Of Wuhan Virus, But Only Once Emergency Is Over; Will Watered-Down Call For Probe Pass On Tuesday; Trump Boycotts Session, But Threatens To Cut $400 Million Off US Contribution; Isolation Of US Virtually Complete;

Azar Of HHS Slams Obscurantism Of WHO And China, But Offers No Resources To Poorer Countries; WHO Betrays Its Mission For World By Stubborn Contempt For Taiwan Experience, Which Has Reportedly Kept Wuhan Coronavirus Down To Seven Deaths In Country Of 24 Million; To Promote Return To International Cooperation, Discredited WHO Secretary General Tedros Must Resign Now;

AG Barr Deflates Trump’s Latest Scapegoating And Deflection Gambit By Announcing That Obama And Biden Are Unlikely To Be Invited, But Ominously Warns That He And Durham May Try To Frame “Others” 

Breaking: Fired State Department AG Was Probing Not Only Menial Tasks For Subalterns, But Also Pompeo’s Illegal Arms Deliveries To Saudi Arabia, Used To Massacre Houthi Rebels In Yemen!