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May 2020

May 14, 2020

May 15, 2020

Trump Depression Deepens With Three Million More New Jobless Claims Last Week; Actual Unemployment Now Exceeds 50 Million; Trump Promises Santa Claus Rally In Fourth Quarter; But Fed Chief Powell Warns Of Long-Term Depression And Demands More Taxpayer Cash For Wall Street Zombie Banks; Ousted BARDA Leader Dr. Bright Expects Pandemic To Inflict “Darkest Winter” In Modern American History; Biden’s Hundred Days Taking Shape As Most Radical Activist Presidency Since FDR;

FBI Search Warrant For Senator Burr Reeks Of Retaliation For Senate Intelligence Committee’s Confirmation Of Pro-Trump Purpose Of Russian ; FBI Director Wray Targeted For Ouster;

Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan Blocks Bid By Trump And Barr To End Prosecution Of Flynn Based On His Status As Trump Stooge; Retired Judge Gleeson Will Argue Against Barr Minions;

Committee Of Public Safety For Coup d’État Forming With AG Barr, DNI Ratcliffe, Militias, And Right Wing Radio Crackpots Hyping Myth Of Coming Civil War;

In 1929-1933, GOP President Herbert Hoover Earned The Hate Of The Nation By Refusing To Use Presidential Powers To Fight The Depression; Trump Is Now Thoroughly Hooverized In His Own Right