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May 2020

May 12, 2020

May 13, 2020

At Supreme Court, Trump’s Lawyers Argue That He Enjoys Absolute Immunity From All Legal Proceedings; A Trump Win Would Make Watergate Probe And Paula Jones Lawsuit Retroactively Unconstitutional; Issue Today Is Trump Tax Returns And Business Records Sought By Manhattan DA And House Committees;

Michael Moore’s Film The Planet Of The Humans Is Mainly A Rehash Of The Well-Known Non-Viability Of Wind Power, Solar Panels, Biomass, And Other Allegedly “Renewable” Energy Sources; Energy Flux Density Of These Forms Cannot Begin To Handle Base Load Of Modern Industrial Economy, Especially If Recovery Is Launched; “Renewable” Energy Generally Requires A Complete Backup Using Natural Gas; Most Solar And Wind Installations Consume More Energy Than They Will Ever Produce Over Their Lifetimes;

Worst Of All, Film Briefly Suggests That The Future Will Belong To The Discredited Postwar Existentialist Writer Albert Camus, Who Proclaimed That Suicide Was The Key Philosophical Question; Oligarchical Obsession With Green Finance And Population Reduction Is Back With A Vengeance;

With Kayleigh McEnany, Quality Of White House Daily Briefing Reaches New Low As She Extolls Trump’s Sinister Plan To Wreck Medicare And Social Security Using A Payroll Tax Holiday; She Touts Fact That Trump Prefers “Regressive” Taxes; 

After Barr’s Meddling In Flynn And St. Petersburg Cases, 1,900 Department Of Justice Officials And Veterans Submit New Petition Urging Attorney General To Resign

Breaking: With 11,000 Dead After His Refusal To Fight Pandemic, Bolsonaro Eyes Cold Coup (Autogolpe) With Help Of Ultra-Reactionary Brazilian Armed Forces As His Popularity Plummet; Putin Spokesman Peskov Tests Positive For Virus And Is Hospitalized