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May 2020

May 7, 2020

May 8, 2020

US Officially Enters New Great Depression On Friday As April Jobs Report Is Set To Confirm Over 40 Million Jobless And An Unemployment Rate Over 20%; Time For A Full-Scale Return To New Deal Economics Under Biden: Fight Unemployment With Job Creation Program Modeled On FDR’s Works Progress Administration (WPA) And Public Works Administration (PWA), Paid For By Wall Street Sales Tax And Fed; With Breadlines Getting Longer, Food Stamp Program (SNAP) Needs A 50% Increase And No Concessions To GOP Austerity Ghouls; Defend Obamacare And Open Medicare For All Who Want It, From Cradle To Grave; No Voting Rights Without US Postal Service; Stop Privatizer DeJoy

Barr Drops Charges Against Gen. Flynn And Prigozhin’s Group At St. Petersburg Internet Research Agency Indicted By Mueller; Law And Order In US Now Depends On Judge Emmet Sullivan’s Decision: Trump Regime Issues Public Invitations To Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, And Many Others To Attack November Election In Context Of Planned Coup; Ratcliffe Is Incompetent;

Small Business Must Escalate Political Pressure On Trump To Provide Ample And Timely Aid, And Not Fall Prey To GOP’s Foolhardy “Opening” Demagogy; Examples In Europe Show Pandemic Need Not Be A Death Sentence For Small Business; In UK, Government Is Paying Wages To About Half The Workers In The Country; Claw Back Money Hijacked By Trump For His Wall Street Cronies To Benefit Working People; Create New Reconstruction Finance Corporation To Efficiently Disburse Payments In A Way Bankers Never Can;

Trump Is Only Thing Perpetuating Desperate US Failure Instead Of The Far More Successful Methods Used By South Korea (ROK) With About 3% Of US Deaths