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May 2020

May 6, 2020

May 7, 2020

With Unemployment Rising Towards Great Depression Levels And Many Workers Losing Their Employer-Based Health Insurance Policies, The Time Has Come To Offer The American People Medicare For All Who Want It; Emphatically Not The Bernie Sanders Coercive Confiscatory Version, But Currently Existing Medicare Available On Request From Cradle To Grave For A Nominal Fee, With The Bulk Of The Cost Born By The Federal Reserve;

The Beijing School Of Falsification: Communist Ambassador Cui Publishes A Whitewash Of His Country’s Behavior In The Crisis, Papering Over The Wet Markets Complete With Bats, The Repression Of The Heroic Dr. Lee And His Associates, And The Cynical Cornering Of The World’s Medical Equipment Supply; 

Whistleblower Dr. Bright Of BARDA Alleges Irregular Contract Practices In HHS; Kushner’s Team Of Volunteers Was Told To Cater To GOP Members Of Congress And Pro-Trump Media Personalities, With Meager Results;

GOP Senators Promote The Fiction Of An Effective System Of Workmen’s Compensation To Argue For A “Liability Shield” To Protect Unscrupulous Employers From Paying Damages To Workers Suffering Grievous Harm In Their Unsanitary Sweat Shops, Meat Packing Plants, And Fulfillment Centers; 

University Of California Davis Ousts The Very Suspicious “Confucius Institute,” In Reality An Exercise In Tea And Dumplings Designed To Entice Useful Idiots; Beijing Regime Negates The Confucian Tradition, Which Calls For Promotion Based On Ability, Not Birth, While Beijing Is Run By Princelings; Communists Follow The Legalist Totalitarianism Of Han Fei Tzu