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May 2020

May 5, 2020

May 6, 2020

Beijing’s Communist Geopolitics Is Failing: $200 Billion Of Predatory Imperialist Investments In Oil And Raw Materials Across Africa Under Belt And Debt Trap Are Now Losing Money As Commodity Prices Fall; Pressure From African Governments Is Growing For Debt Moratorium Or De Facto Default To End Primitive Accumulation; African Union Protests Racist Discrimination Against Their Citizens In Guangzhou (Canton, South China);

Ousted BARDA Leader And Biomedical Research Czar Dr. Rick Bright Submits Whistleblower Complaint Alleging Trump Administration Corruption In Vaccine Contracts Due To Political Cronyism and Insider Connections; Hydroxychloroquine Fetish At Issue As Scientific Advice Yields To Trump’s Obsessions; Have Federal Procurement Regulations Been Violated?; In Further Abdication Of Residential Responsibility, Trump Floats Idea Of Dissolving White House Pandemic Team;

Patterns Of Authoritarian States In Adversity: When All Scapegoats Have Been Exhausted, Dictators Blame The People Themselves For The Failures Of The Regime; The Example Of The German Scorched Earth Policy Of 1945; 

Breaking: Trump’s Economic Adviser Hassett Warns That April Jobs Report Due Friday Will Hit Depression Levels With 20%; Hassett Is Best Known For His 1999 Book On Dow 36,000, A Speculators’ Bible Which Appeared On Eve Of Dot Com Crash