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May 2020

May 4, 2020

May 5, 2020

GOP Gripped By Fear Of Losing White House And Senate; Trump Trying To Blame China For Covid While Clinging To His Effort To Appease Xi And Sell Soybeans For The Sake Of Iowa; Trump Resumes Task Force Briefings But Is Still A One-Trick Pony; 

Foreign Policy Heavyweights Call For International Push To Determine Causes And Genesis Of Wuhan Virus; But Chinese Communist Party Has Already Sabotaged And Harassed This Effort; Xi’s Neo-Maoists Assert Total Censorship And Control Over Plague Research; Only A Post-Communist Regime Could Tell The Truth About Wuhan; US Editorial Pages Starting To Discuss Wuhan Institute Of Virology As Possible Incubator Of Contagion; Consensus Grows In Europe On Demanding Truth From Beijing;

Needed: National Consortium Of Rational Governors To Outflank Trump’s Pirates To Procure Medical Supplies And Equipment, And To Join Biden In Headlining A Daily Equal Time Response To White House Court Of Miracles

Correction For Media: US Is Not Richest Country In World By Per Capita GDP, But Has Been Outclassed By A Dozen Nations;

Déjà Vu: After Venetian Marco Polo Popularized The Silk Road Overland Trade Route Between Europe And China Before 1300, One By-Product Was To Facilitate The October 1347 Arrival In Sicily Of The Yersinia Pestis Or Bubonic Plague Coming From The Orient; Medieval Warm Period Was Also Ending With Rapid Cooling That Diminished Crops; 80 Million Victims Since 1949: The Genocidal Record Of The Chinese Communists, Still In Power