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May 2020

April 30, 2020

May 1, 2020

Tax Wall Street Party Endorses May Day General Strike And Boycott Protesting Refusal Of Retailers To Provide Adequate Personal Protective Equipment To Workers; Key To Victory Is Rapid Expansion Of Strike Front To Meat Packing, Municipal Workers And To Over 30 Million Unemployed; 

This Is Freedom? -- Trump-GOP Approach To Coercing Meat Packing Workers Back Into Contaminated Plants With No Provision For PPE Personal Protective Gear Is Essence Of Slave Labor; 

Republicans Must Be Forced To State How Many Needless Deaths They Demand As The Price For Ending Anti-Plague Measures; In Late Globalism, Patterns Of Decision Making By Finance Oligarchs Are Pervasive, And Are Making Pandemic Much Worse: Examples From Industry, Academia, And Government; The Dangers Of Having A Court Of Yes-Men;

Trump’s Testing Czar Admiral Giroir Says “There Is Absolutely No Way” The US Will Be Able To Carry Out 5 Million Tests Per Day, To Say Nothing Of 20 Million Tests Per Day – “No Way On Earth, On This Planet Or Any Other Planet,” And Trump Backtracks To Agree; In 1941, Giroir Would Have Been Fired By Franklin D. Roosevelt For Defeatism;

Trump Seeking To Promote Flynn To Martyr Status And Divert Attention To His Plight, Even As Corpses Are Stacked Behind Hospitals; Intervention Of Extreme Right Wing Armed Militia Into Political Controversy Is The Hallmark Of Fascism, From Squadristi And Storm Troopers To Today;

TWSP Sends Greetings To Working People And Labor Organizers Everywhere On May 1, International Labor Day (It Started In Chicago)