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Apr 2020

April 29, 2020

April 30, 2020

Trump GOP Scrapes Bottom Of Barrel In Deadly Push To Force Americans Out Of The Safety Of Their Homes And Into The Path Of Covid; Four Fatcat Republican Moneybags Make Policy For Feckless Trump; Kushner Congratulates Himself For “Great Success” As Death Toll Passes 60,000;

Elmhurst Hospital Looks Nothing Like The Flu, And “Herd Immunity” Is A Chimera; Covid Death Rate Is Far Higher Than Pro-Trump Forces Admit; Real Death Tolls Are Low-Balled By Official Statistics, As Shown By New Studies On From US, EU, And UK; Many Nations Show Shocking Level Of Excess, Surplus, Extra Deaths Due In Large Part To Coronavirus; The Lesson: Stay Home! 

Breaking: May 1 General Strike Set By Workers From Walmart, Whole Foods, Amazon, Fedex, Instacart, Target, And Shipt; Key Demand Is Basic Protective Gear For Frontline Workers, Consumers Invited To Boycott These Firms; Strike Front Includes Union And Non-Union , Part-Time, Precarious, And Unemployed Workers; Number One Rule Of Mass Strike Is To Spread The Agitation; Ally With The Meatpackers!