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Apr 2020

April 28, 2020

April 29, 2020

Trump Shows American People Their Own Future With Executive Order To Open Meat Packing Plants With No Testing And No Provision For The Lives And Health Of The Largely Undocumented Workers; The Issue Of Chinese Communist Ownership; This Is What Most Republican Governors Want To Do With Their States; Well Aware That Needless Deaths Will Result, Moscow Mitch Pushes To Suspend Liability For Owners;

Worldwide Tendency Is For Official Statistics To Lowball Covid Death Tolls To Preserve The Image Of Politicians: British Press Finds Real UK Death Toll Is Double The Officially Stated Figure; In Italy, Most Deaths Outside Of Hospitals Have Not Been Included In Official Statistics; New Study Suggests That US Death Toll During March Was Much Larger Than Reported: Deaths Exceeded The Expected Level By 15,400, With 53% Attributable To Covid; Mortality In New York City Was 6,300 Over Norm, With 40% Due To Covid; Reliance On Figures From Beijing Kept Predictions Unrealistically Low;

Pandemic Death Toll Now Greater Than 12-Year Vietnam Losses: LBJ Chose Not To Run For Second Term Based On These Losses; What Will Trump Do, And How Will Voters Respond?

The Answer To The Reactionary Refrain Of Quarantine The Sick, Not The Healthy Comes From The Venetians, Who Invented The Concept Of The Quarantine: You Can’t Tell Which Among The Incoming Sailors Is Sick And Which Is Healthy, So Quarantine All Of Them In Isolation For Up To Forty Days; Only Modern Testing At The Rate Of Ten Million Per Day Offers An Alternative