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Apr 2020

April 25, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

April 25, 2020

Biden Warns Of Bid By Trump To Call Off November Election, A Highly Plausible Scenario As GOP Despairs Of Winning Vote, Making Coup Variants More Attractive; MAGA Attack On US Postal Service Is Desperately Unpopular; Trump’s Claim Of Prosperity In Bubble Economy Is Exposed As The Real Hoax; His Personal Television Demagogy Is Boomeranging Every Day As Voters Turn Away In Disgust; Trump Behind In Michigan, Pennsylvania, And Florida; For Those Who Value Civilization, Six Months To Guarantee Peaceful Transfer Of Power, With A Vanishing Chance For XXV Amendment; 

US Coronavirus Fatalities Approach 55,000; Outbreak About To Surpass In Two Months The Death Toll Of 12 Years In Vietnam; Jobless In Nation Over 27,000 As New Economic Depression Lashes Globe: The Tragic Wages Of Fascist Populism;

Revulsion Sweeps Across World After Trump’s Outburst About Inserting Disinfectants And UV Light Sources Into Human Subjects; US Government Agencies And Many States Forced To Issue Warnings Not To Believe Deranged Tenant Of Oval; New York City Poison Control Center Reports Untick In Ingestion Of Household Chemicals; Misfit Don An Albatross For US In World;

The Republican Party As Case Study In The Flight Forward Of A Death Cult; Last Chance To Dump Trump Or Go Way Of Federalists, Whigs, And Knownothings!