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Apr 2020

April 23, 2020

April 24, 2020

US Unemployment Grows By 27 Million With Depression At Hand, But Moscow Mitch Wants To Force Economically Dynamic Blue States Into Bankruptcy To Please Parasitical GOP Merchants Of Death; Warming To His Role As Snake Oil Salesman And Quack, Trump Raves About Internal Use Of UV Light And Injections Of Disinfectant; Demand That CDC Head Dr. Redfield Recant His Forecast Of Second Covid Wave Recalls Roman Inquisition’s 1633 Targeting Of Galileo;

Trump Wanted To Applaud Georgia’s Barbaric Rollback Of Anti-Plague Restrictions, But Ended Up Condemning The Changes After An Ultimatum From Fauci; Science Advisers Are Trusted By Public Far More Than Trump; Georgia Risks Being Engulfed By Anti-Science “Tobacco Road” Ethos;

Sidelining Of Vaccine Expert Dr. Rick Bright Is Likely To Delay Creation Of US Vaccine, Helping China’s Bid To Displace US In Race For Prevention;

More On Pro-Trump Reactionary-Plutocratic Networks That Are Deploying Waves Of Dupes To Demand An End To Stay At Home Measures;

Breaking: YouGov Poll Finds 78% Of Americans Support State Efforts To Fight Covid; 86% Say They Are Trying To Stay At Home As Much As Possible