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Apr 2020

April 21, 2020

April 22, 2020

A New Epicenter Of Coronavirus May Be Emerging In Northern China Along Russian Border, Fueled By Sick Chinese Nationals Returning From Siberia; Russian Case Count Is Highly Unreliable, But Reportedly Increased By 5,642 Last Night; 

Cuomo Meets With Trump, But Apparently Fails To Extract Any Concrete Commitments To Provide Funding For Testing And Cash-Strapped States; 

On Voice Vote, Senate Passes $484 Billion Emergency Aid Bill With $310 For “Paycheck Protection Program,” Including $60 Billion For Community Banks, $75 Billion For Hospitals, $25 Billion For Testing, And $60 For Disaster Relief; House Must Immediately Add Money For State And Local Governments And Cash Grant Of $20 Billion For The Imperiled US Postal Service; 

Robert Samuelson Please Take Note: Needed Demand Stimulus Must Be Provided By Federal Reserve Credit Creation For Job Creation, With $5 Trillion For Public Works And $2 Trillion To Solve Student Debt Crisis, With 0% Interest Over 50-100 Year Maturities; Model Is 1931 Work Of Woytinsky And Lautenbach;

Panel Convoked By National Institutes Of Health Recommends That Doctors Not Prescribe Trump’s Much-Touted Hydroxychloroquine As Covid Therapy; 

Germany’s Largest Tabloid, The Bild Zeitung, Sends Beijing Communists A Bill For $160 Billion, Representing The Costs Inflicted By Xi’s Negligence And Coverup; Beijing Propaganda Sheet Global Times Mocks US As “Primitive Society” Where “American Democracy Is Dying”; China Has Been The World’s Worst Incubator Of Deadly Plagues For Decades, But PRC Scribblers Claim That US Is “No Match For China” In Fighting Outbreak;

Breaking: 19 People Test Positive For Covid Infection Likely Acquired During The Wisconsin Primary, Made Unavoidable By Reactionary Quintet At Supreme Court