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Apr 2020

April 20, 2020

April 21, 2020

In Worst Day Ever For Petroleum Markets, May Oil Futures Plunge Deep Into Negative Territory As Covid Shrinks World Demand; Dow Dives 592; Eager To Make US Motorists, Commuters, And Farmers Pay To Prop Putin And MBS, Trump Orders 75 Million Bbl For US Strategic Reserve; 

Trump’s Dress Rehearsal Of Hooligan Shock Troops For November Yields Meager Results; Anti-Distancing Demonstrations Crippled By Pitifully Low Turnout Despite Active Support From White House And State GOP Apparatus; Only Complicity Of Cable Networks Has Camouflaged A Failed Attempt By Republicans; 

Broad-Based Pew Poll Finds That 65% Of Adults Think Trump’s Covid Response Was Too Slow; Just 39% Trust Trump During Pandemic, While 52% Can See He Is Lying;

In NBC-WSJ Poll, 58% Fear Overhasty Abolition Of Stay At Home Measures, While Minority Of 32% Fear Shutdowns Will Last Too Long; Just 44% Approve Of Trump’s Handling Outbreak, With No Rally Round Effect To Be Found; In Fundamental Shift, 73% Are Now Afraid Family Members Will Be Stricken, As Compared With 53% In March; Don Losing Battle Of Public Opinion;

Serious Proposals For Daily Testing Range From Harvard Estimate Of 5 Million To TWSP’s Starting Point Of 10 Million (Testing All Americans Once A Month) To NYU Professor’s Guess Of 35 Million Per Day (Testing Entire US Every 2 Weeks);

Breaking: Pandemic Author Laurie Garrett Reports Signs Of Second Wuhan Epidemic Emerging In Northern China Along Russian Border; Is Xi Covering This One Up Too?