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Apr 2020

April 18, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

April 18, 2020

Trump Incites Rebellion Against Rational Governors Observing His Own Guidelines For Re-Opening Business; Anarch of Oval Would Sacrifice American Lives To Cover Eroding Support And His Own Failure To Invoke Defense Production Act And Manufacture Massive Quantity Of Ventilators, Tests, And PPE; Media Deeply Complicit In Making Small Pro-Trump Gaggles Much Larger Than Reality; GOP Lunatic Fringe Is Drunk On Trump’s Poisonous Brew;

Is Trump Giving Up On Winning by Majority Vote In Free Election In November, Opting Instead For Coup Strategy Of Chaos, Vote Fraud, And Voter Suppression Backed Up By Armed Gangs?; Early Polls Show Some Key States Out Of Reach For Orange Demagogue; Worldwide Dictatorial Trend Seen In Hungary, Russia, Philippines, Brazil; Historical Boundary Between Reactionaries And Fascists Is Latter’s Reliance On Extralegal Violence;

Breaking: Noam Chomsky Says Overriding Issue In November Is “Malignancy” In White House; Urges Unified Opposition Against “Devastating Catastrophe,” Telling “Never Biden” Camp To Study How KPD’s “Social Fascism” Line Helped Nazis To Power In Early 1930s; Argues That Voters Concerned About Fate Of Civilized Life On Earth Should Vote For Biden Without Hesitating “For A Second”; Not Voting In A Swing State Is The Same As Voting For Trump; Rejects Alt-Left Strategy Of Neutrality