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Apr 2020

April 16, 2020

April 17, 2020

Prerequisite For Opening Anything Is Availability Of One Billion Coronavirus Tests, Enough For Two Rounds Of Diagnostic Testing Followed By Antibody Testing For Every American, As Suggested By Lt. Gen. Russell Honoré; One Billion Sets Of PPE Per Month Will Also Be Needed;

Today’s Economic-Financial Crisis Started With Collapse Of Repo Market In Mid-September, Long Before Wuhan Crisis; Some Wall Street Zombie Banks Are Now Choked With Over $50 Trillion Each In Toxic Derivatives, And Fed Is Busily Buying Poisonous CDOs And CDS For Its Balance Sheet; Derivatives Were Outlawed In US From 1936 Until Reagan Years; If Derivatives Cancer Is Not Excised, It Will Absorb Bailout Money And Cripple Recovery; Only Alternative Is To Re-Outlaw Most Derivatives, And Levy A Wall Street Sales Tax On The Rest; 

Trump’s Threat To Send Congress Home Indefinitely Resembles Orban’s Infamous “Dance Of The Peacock,” A Gaslighting Strategy For Dictatorial Power; #MoscowMitch Cool To Tactic; Trump’s Re-Opening Guidelines Have No Dates, And Leave Decisions To Governors; Trump Looks Weak In Wisconsin, Virginia, Arizona, And North Carolina; GOP Control Of Senate In Danger!; Trump Losing Support As Seven Midwest Governors Rebel, While Business Community Does Not Accept His May 1 Deadline;

Breaking: On MSNBC, Democratic Caucus Chair Hakeem Jeffries Lists Additional Funding For Small Business And States Among Dem Addenda To GOP’s Pending $250 Rescue Bill, But Fails To Mention Emergency Aid For United States Postal Service