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Apr 2020

April 15, 2020

April 16, 2020

Banking And Big Business Community Losing Confidence In Increasingly Unstable Trump: Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, And Bank Of America Push Back Against Trump’s Obsessive Push To End Protective Measures By May 1; Emerging Consensus Is That Business Revival Can Only Come After Pervasive Diagnostic And Antibody Testing Restores Public’s Confidence It Is Safe To Go Out; Los Angeles And New York Mayors See No Sporting Events Until 2021; 

Worse Than A Crime, An Error: Trump’s Stupid Attack On WHO Funding At Height Of Pandemic Lets Chinese Communists Pose As Model Of Responsible Statecraft; US Chamber Of Commerce Calls For A Reformed And Functioning WHO, Not Wrecking Job Sought By Trump; Obvious Solution Is To Increase Money For WHO While Preparing Ouster Of Beijing’s Widely Discredited Puppet Tedros; Tedros Elected With Votes Of Debt Slaves Of Xi’s Infamous Belt And Road Imperialism; Tedros’ Abortive 2017 Debut In Job Included Tapping Beijing Puppet And Dictator Mugabe Of Zimbabwe To Be UN “Health Ambassador”; 

Possibly Eyeing Hungarian Dictator Orban, Trump Threatens To Force Congress Into Adjournment And Then Issue Slew Of Recess Appointments Of His Stooges To Departments And Federal Judiciary; NYT Editorial Demands Immediate Rescue Of US Postal Service With Its 620,000 Jobs, The Biggest American Company;

Breaking: State Department Suspects China Of Having Detonated Illegal Underground Blasts In Violation Of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty