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Apr 2020

April 14, 2020

April 15, 2020

In Alarming Episode, Trump Asserts “Absolute” And “Total” Power To Dictate The Internal Affairs Of States; Cuomo Pledges To Block Reckless Re-Opening, Noting That States Had To Issue Stay Home Orders On Their Own; Tenth Amendment Is Stumbling Block For Trump; Regime Utterly Wasted Month Of February; Massachusetts Joins Northeast Bloc;

Biden Is Clear And Viable Alternative To Dictatorship; Democrats Win Seat On Wisconsin Supreme Court And Oust Two Other Judges Installed By Scott Walker, Suggesting Key Swing State Is Out Of Reach For Trump; Biden Leads Trump By 9% In Arizona, By 10% In Virginia, And By 13% In Connecticut; Regime-Friendly Rasmussen Reports Don’s Job Approval Down To 44%, Erasing Any Rally Round Effect; Obama Adds His Endorsement; 

Notion That Trump Is Too Lazy To Be An Authoritarian Is Dangerously Misleading; Work Of Late German Historian Hans Mommsen Suggests That Obsession With Prestige And Image, Passivity, Fear Of Decisions And Responsibility, And Manipulation By Entourage Were Features Of National Socialist Leadership;

Breaking: New York Deaths Now Over 10,000 In Updated Count; 3,800 Fatalities In US Nursing Homes Regulated By Seema Verma