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Apr 2020

April 13, 2020

April 14, 2020

Bernie Sanders Endorses Biden For President; Former Rivals Pledge All-Out Common Effort To Defeat Trump; Bernie Urges His Supporters To Join Him In Fighting To Oust Most Dangerous President In American History; Democratic Platform Will Include Partial Cancellation Of Student Debt; 

Trump Retweets #FireFauci, Wants Noted Epidemiologist To Recant Obvious Truth That Earlier Mitigation Would Have Substantially Reduced Death Toll; Democrats Line Up To Defend Fauci And Birx; 

NY Gov. Cuomo Rejects Trump’s Claim Of “Total” Power To Force Lifting Of State Stay At Home Orders; Demands That Federal Government Use Full Potential Of Defense Production Act To Produce Tests In Quantity Sufficient For Safe Recovery;

Reacting To Chaos And Vacuum Of Leadership In White House, Blocs Of Rational States Emerge In Opposition; Northeast Bloc Convened By Cuomo Announces Plan To Coordinate Careful And Gradual Return To Normalcy; New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, And Delaware; Newsom Promotes Western States’ Pact Of Washington, Oregon, And California; Hard-Hit France Will Hang Tough With Mitigation For Another Month; 

Breaking: Boston Mayor Martin Walsh Condemns Trump’s Mad Rush To Re-Open On May 1 As “Completely Irresponsible”; As Last Week’s Wisconsin Returns Arrive, Democrat Karofsky Is Apparent Winner Over Reactionary GOPer Kelly