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Apr 2020

April 9, 2020

April 10, 2020

Under Trump’s Misrule, US Is Racking Up World’s Worst Record Of Fighting Back Against Wuhan Coronavirus; Still Far Too Few Tests, But White House Is Already Plotting Premature Abolition Of Distancing And Mitigation; Cuomo Calls In Out Of State Funeral Directors As New York Deaths Hit 799; Moscow Mitch Blocks Aid Money For Hospitals And State/Local Governments; New Reconstruction Finance Corp. Needed To Disburse Rescue Money; Still No Serious Democratic Push For Postal Service Assistance, WPA/PWA Job Creation, Nor For Trillions 0% Long-Term Fed Credit To Finance Public Works Recovery;

In Testament To Power Of Bondholder Lobby, Federal Reserve Starts Buying Up High-Risk Junk Bonds (aka High-Yield Bonds) And Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) Based On Junk Bonds – Anyone Buying These High-Interest Toxic “Assets” Knew What They Were Getting, Making Public Bailout Odious, Especially When Main Street Taxpayers And Small Businesses Have Received So Little;

On April 9, Recalling The Great Victory At Appomattox Court House; Pope Francis Marks Maundy Thursday By Respecting Italian Lockdown, With No Appearance At St. John Lateran