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Apr 2020

April 8, 2020

April 9, 2020

Biden Will Now Be Democratic Party Nominee For 2020, Opening Clear Seven-Month Perspective For All Persons Of Good Will To Bring About Historically Necessary Crushing Defeat Of Trump On November 3; Trump Must Be Ousted In Ways Conducive To Final Extinction Of Republican Party As National Force, With Democrats Left In Control Of White House And Both Houses Of Congress; GOP Contempt For Life And Health Of American People Shows Lack Of Moral Justification To Exercise Power;

Sanders Drops Out Of Contention After Tragic Wisconsin Primary; Biden Pays Tribute To Rival; Some Of Sanders’ Issues Should Be Embraced By Biden Campaign, But Not Confiscation Of 150 Million Health Insurance Policies And Not Short-Term Banning Of Oil, Natural Gas, And Nuclear Energy; 

Trump Striving To Coerce Americans To Return To Work Based On His Own Dubious White House Figures; Don Has No Power Under Constitution To Override State Mitigation Measures; Americans Are Preparing To Defy His Sabotage In Service To Wall Street; General Strike Looms In Form Of Sit-Down Strike For Right To Live; Lessons For Fighting The Pandemic From The Italian Village Of Vò In The Veneto;

Dictatorship Watch: Republican War On Mail-In Ballots Shows Clear Totalitarian Resolve!