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Apr 2020

April 4, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

April 4, 2020

Irrationality Returns: On Saturday, Trump Reverts To Deadly Mantra That “Cure Cannot Be Worse Than The Sickness,” Raves About Getting Country Open Again “Soon”; Fauci Cautions That Stay At Home Orders And Social Separation Are Indispensable;

At Thursday Briefing, Boy Wonder Kushner Touts His “Air Bridge” From China, A Consortium Of Health Care Middlemen With Nationalized Costs And Privatized Profits; Kushner Talks Of “Our” Federal Stockpile Separate From Needs Of States And People; Adm. Polowczyk Endorses “Normal” Procedures, Won’t Disrupt Existing (Dysfunctional) Supply Chain; Sack Polowczyk, Not The Brave Commander Of The Theodore Roosevelt

US Must Nationalize Supply Chain For Medical Supplies And Devices; Wider Routine Use Of Defense Production Act Is Long Overdue; State Department Must Be Lead Agency For Coronavirus White Paper To Show Origins Of Contagion; Roberts Commission On Pearl Harbor Debacle Was Set Up By FDR On December 18 1941 In The Midst Of World War; GOP Opposition To Pelosi Commission Shows Consciousness Of Pandemic Guilt;

It’s Not AEGRESCIT MEDENDO But CONVALESCIT MEDENDO – Not Treatment Harms Patients, But Treatment Makes Them Stronger; 

Breaking: Hero Of Post-Katrina New Orleans Lt. Gen. Russell Honoré Advises Putting Pandemic Logistics Under Control Of Pentagon’s Defense Logistics Agency With Military Supply Officers In Every Hospital; Finds That Kushner’s Reliance On For-Profit Middlemen Is Unheard Of; Judges That Kushner Is “Clueless,” “Doesn’t Know What He Is Talking About”; Time To Kick Out Trump’s Hacks And Appoint The Tested And Experienced Honoré As Pandemic Czar With Order To Create A National Strategic Battle Plan!