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Apr 2020

April 2, 2020

April 3, 2020

World Coronavirus Cases Exceed One Million, With Over 50,000 Dead; US Cases Surge To 213,000, With Total Deaths Over 4,500; FEMA Orders 100,000 Body Bags As Pandemic Worsens; Cuomo Warns That New York State Is Six Days Away From Running Out Of Ventilators, Forcing Brutal Triage In Hospital Wards; 6.6 Million New Jobless Claims Today, Making 10 Million In Two Weeks; Jobless Rate Of About 10% Expected, On Way To 1930s Depression Levels; Dragged Kicking And Screaming Towards Reality, Feckless Trump Finally Returns To Defense Production Act; Today’s Memo Directs Needed Resources To Seven Ventilator Manufacturers Including General Electric, Medtronic, And Philips; 

Trump Refuses To Re-Open ACA Website To Allow Emergency Enrollment In Obamacare And Medicaid, But Try Anyway; 3.4 Million Travelers Entered US In December-January-February, Including 759,493 From China; US Exported Almost $60 Million Worth Of Ventilators, Masks, And Gowns;

Pelosi Announces Bipartisan Select Committee To Oversee Coronavirus Disaster Relief; Rumors Fly That Unscrupulous Small Businesses Are Planning To Collect Federal Loans, Default On Loans, And Make Off With The Cash; US Must Issue White Paper On Origins Of Pandemic In Central China;

Online Account Of Wuhan Coronavirus Makes Trump Into The Victim And His Re-Election The Target; Irrational Myth Blinds Don’s Dupes To The Growing Danger Of An Orban-Style Coup Against November Elections