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Apr 2020

April 1, 2020

April 2, 2020

Dramatic Crisis As Hospitals Across Nation Approach Breakdown And Hecatomb Of Needless Deaths For Lack Of Ventilators, Tests, And Elementary Medical Supplies; Worse Than Third World Conditions Caused By Trump’s Stubborn Failure To Implement Full Panoply Of Defense Production Act; Maryland Governor Hogan Notes State Governments Are “Flying Blind” Because Of Trump’s Incompetence On Testing; Cuomo Marshals Resources For Coming “Battle At The Mountain Top”;

Official Forecasts Of Deaths Ranging From 100,000 To 2.2 Million Force Trump To Adjust Demagogy, But He Still Refuses To Order Emergency Open Season For Enrollment In Medicaid And Obamacare, And Won’t Oppose Lawsuit To Strike Down Entire Affordable Care Act; Florida And North Carolina Finally Issue Stay At Home Orders, Putting Abbott Of Texas On Plague Spreader Hotseat;

War Of All Against All Among States Seeking Ventilators As Trump Shirks Need For Logistical Coordination; US Deaths Near 5,000, With 210,000 Cases;

Crisis Marks Death Knell For Utopian Ideology Of Globalization; Dependence On Tyrant Xi For Medicine And Equipment Shocks Millions Back Into Reality That Great Power Rivalry Mandates A Full-Set Economy!