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Apr 2020

March 31, 2020

April 1, 2020

Coronavirus Pandemic Deaths Now Exceed Death Toll Of September 11, 2001; Peak Hospitalizations Expected In Some Cities During April;

United States Postal Service Once Again Threatened With Destruction By Republican Greed And Rapacity; Rep. Maloney Warns That System Could Collapse For Lack Of Money As Early As June; End Of Mail Would Be Death Sentence For Economy Of Rural America; GOP Wants To Break Up And Asset Strip System, Making Off With Billions In Pre-Paid Health And Retirement Benefits; The Cause Of The Crisis Is Speaker Hastert’s Deliberate Sabotage; Federal Reserve Announces Repo Lending Facility For Foreign Central Banks;

Trump Admits That GOP Cannot Survive If Voting Rights Are Respected; Silver Lining Is That Republican Party Will Indeed Be Top Casualty For Mismanaging Pandemic; 

Biden And Democratic Party Must Demand That Television Networks Grant Equal Time With White House Five O’Clock Follies And Use That Time To Refute Trump’s Lies With A Factual And Lively Political Report Supplemented By Experts, Young Celebrities, 

US White Book On PRC Coverup Of Coronavirus More Urgent Than Ever To Refute Beijing’s Big Lie Propaganda Blaming US Army; China’s Post-SARS Early Warning System For Pandemics Failed Due To Political Corruption;

Netherlands, Spain, Czech Republic, And Turkey Say Equipment Delivered With Much Fanfare By China Is Defective And Unusable; Beijing State Media Lashes Out Against Unappreciative Recipients; Russian Deliveries To Italy Also Substandard; Trump Brags About Sending Aid To Italy, But What Has He Delivered?