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Mar 2020

March 30, 2020

March 31, 2020

Trump Regime Now Regards 100,000 To 200,000 US Coronavirus Deaths As Best Case Scenario, Initially Comparable To US Total Of 117,000 Deaths In World War One, and Far Exceeding 37,000 Deaths In Korea And 58,000 In Vietnam; Other Estimates Of Total Fatalities Due To Trump’s Malevolence And Unfitness For Office; 

Hungary Shows The US Its Future As Premier Orban Rams Enabling Law Through Parliament; Measure Gives Orban Full Dictatorial Powers With Open-Ended State Of Emergency; Orban Can Dissolve Parliament And Rule By Decree; No Elections Will Take Place; Five Year Prison Sentences For Spreading Fake News And Rumors; Penalty For Exiting Quarantine Is Up To Eight Years In Jail; Law Recalls The German Ermächtigunggesetz Which Established Hitler As Dictator In March 1933; Trump Is Watching Closely;

Trump Orchestrates Afternoon Brainwash Session To Camouflage US Deaths Of 500 In A Single Day And Total Domestic Death Toll Just Short Of 3,000; Serious Questions Were Questions By My Pillow Guy, Who Hailed Don For Restoring God To US Public Life;

Virginia Governor Northam Orders Commonwealth To Stay At Home Until June 10; Maryland Governor Hogan Orders Stay At Home Until End Of April