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Mar 2020

March 28, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

March 28, 2020

House Approves $2.2 Trillion Disaster Relief Bill; Trump Signs It, But Immediately Moves To Frustrate Oversight; Is He Planning To Declare His Campaign A Needy Small Business?; 3.3 Million New Jobless Last Week!

Untold Trillions Of Bailout Money From Fed And Treasury Procure Only A Three-Day Liquidity Rally To Tempt The Suckers Back In; Crash Resumes With 915 Point Dive (4%); Moscow Mitch And Gang Fugitives Until Late April;

Tyrant Xi Continues To Lure Poor Countries With Big Lies And Tiny Aid Packages Which Are Taken Seriously Only Because US Under Don Is AWOL; One Million Ventilators Are Urgent, But Incompetent Defense Production Czar Navarro, Signals White House Indifference To Pleas For Ventilators From NATO Allies Italy, Spain, And UK Even As Trump Pays Lip Service To Solidarity; 

Trump Vacillates On Easter Immolation Of American People On Altar Of Wall Street Starting Next Week; At Same Time, He Eyes Total Quarantine Of New York City Tri-State Area; Cuomo Rejects It, And Don Has No Legal Authority To Tamper With Police Powers Of States; 

Best Estimates: Fewer Than 100K Deaths If Tough Measures Are Applied; 1 Million Deaths From Business As Usual;

US Must: Produce Comprehensive White Paper On The Origins Of Wuhan Coronavirus To Expose The Infamy Of The Chinese Communist Party; Nationalize The Supply Chain For Medical Supplies And Pharmaceuticals And Declare Manhattan Project To Beat Out Beijing In Quest For Vaccine;

Lessons From Trotsky In September 1930 For Bernie Sanders: The United Front!