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Mar 2020

March 26, 2020

March 27, 2020

US Is Now World Leader In Coronavirus Infections; Nationwide Lock-Down Urgently Required, Not Trump’s Wrecking;

US Reports Record 3.28 Million New Claims For Unemployment Benefits; Figure Underestimates Real Total Because Many State Jobless Reporting Sites Crashed And Many Calls Were Never Answered; Self-Employed And Gig Workers Not Included; 

Fauci Predicts Pandemic Will Recur In The Fall, Underlining Need For The Long View Now; Overhasty Return To Work Would Lead To Social Chaos And Economic Depression;

NYT Study Estimates Lifting Stay Home Order On Trump’s 15-Day Timetable On March 30 As Threatened Would Mean Peak Infections Of 28 Million In June And Total Infections Of 126 Million By October, With 1 Million Total Deaths; But Two Months Of Shelter In Place Would Mean Peak Infections Of 3 Million Infections In October And Total Infections 14 Million, With Total Deaths Of 92,000; Mississippi Study Suggests These Figures Are Plausible; Reactionaries Eye Genocide Of Elderly;

Trump’s Anti-Shutdown Clique Includes Governors De Santis Of Florida And Tate Reeves Of Mississippi; Antibody Testing Needed To Identify People Who Have Developed Immunity; 

Breaking: US Per Capita Infection Rate Still Lower Than Europe’s, Johns Hopkins Study Shows