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Mar 2020

March 24, 2020

March 25, 2020

Driven Berserk By Stock Market Crash And Looming 30% Unemployment (Worse Than Herbert Hoover), Trump Decrees That Americans Must Return To Work By Easter Sunday, April 12 As Deadly Coronavirus Swirls Around Them; But Public Refuses To #DieForTheDow; White House Has No Legal Authority To Roll Back Stay Home Orders Now Declared By Almost Half The States, Including California, New York And Illinois; Governors Will Fight For Their States; Most Americans Will Practice Self-Defense With Sit-In Strikes In Their Own Living Rooms, Adding Up To Nationwide #GeneralStrike!

Biden Urges Supply Orders Using Defense Production Act; Calls Trump Timetable “Bizarre” Move By “Yo-yo” Don; 

If Churches Are Packed Around April 12, It Will Be For Funerals, But Fanatic Falwell Calls Students Back To Liberty University; Pentagon Sees Emergency Well Into Summer; Gov. Hogan Of Maryland Calls Don’s Latest Obsession An “Imaginary Time Line”; Even Liz Cheney Voices Dissent; GOP Courts Extinction As Many Reactionaries Eye Genocide Of Seniors To Prop Up Speculators;

Cuomo: Why Are New Yorkers Dying From Lung Complications While Azar Is Hoarding A Stockpile Of 20,000 Ventilators; Apex Of New York Cases Is Higher And Coming Sooner Than Anticipated; 

Stimulus Bill May Get Vote In Senate Late Tuesday; It Must Include Vote By Mail; Dems Should Demand Equal Time After Trump’s TV Tirades; India Issues Stay Home Order; Pope Urges World To Pray At Noon Wednesday To End Pandemic